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High Performance Team Development Program

Customized teambuilding sessions to improve communications, relationships, creativity, decision-making and results.

Presentation and sales training using the latest in neuroscience research, combined with industry best practices, to leverage your sales activities.

Experienced offsite facilitation to make all of your team retreats productive and lasting.

Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching for leaders seeking to transform their leadership style, including those recently or soon-to-be promoted, high potentials, and C-suite executives.


High energy, interactive presentations to quickly create engagement in your audience and provide a memorable conference experience. READ MORE


The Enneagram, the most powerful tool for building EQ on a team, which leads to greater self-awareness, better relationships, improved decision-making, more innovation and greater success.

360 degree feedback reports for executives, offered in conjunction with the Center for Creative Leadership, the pioneer of the 360 feedback technique. The 360 degree report helps leaders leverage their natural strengths and minimize their blind spots. READ MORE

Cultural assessments, to determine which values are alive within the organization, as well as the unintended behaviors that may be holding the team back from greater success.

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